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Easi-Kensington Artificial Grass 30mm

  • ‘Most Australian’ looking
  • Best seller
  • State-of-the-art grass technology
  • Manufactured using two different shapes of yarn, with extra thick supporting infill
  • Durable with soft touch/feel
  • Natural look and feel
  • Suitable for all garden, terrace and domestic applications

Realistic Artificial Grass

At Easigrass we are committed to creating and supplying the most realistic artificial grass products that work to suit the specific needs of our customers. One of the most versatile realistic artificial grass products is Easigrass Kensington, suitable for a whole suite of applications, including gardens for child and pet play, as well as high-footfall terrace and balcony areas.


Complemented with dead grass infill yarns, Easi-Kensington looks more realistic than ever and is popular due to it’s “more Australian” look thanks to the dead grass brown/yellow infills. Applying new breakthrough yarn technology, we have developed this product for high footfall garden and leisure areas, delivering a mud and mess-free outdoor environment for the most active of kids to play 365 days a year. Perfect for budding footballers and rugby players in the making, but giving mums and dads more time to relax without having to weed and feed this amazing product. With a new C shaped yarn, this artificial grass manages to stay a great deal more upright and requires less in the way of brushing and maintenance. 


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